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Mass Lawsuit Pertaining to Organized Stalking and Remote, Electronic Harassment (06/10/2014 Update)

[06/10/2014 Update]

I confess that I am not  entirely certain of the validity of this lawsuit. Myself and others have received emails apparently from Mr. Gamache for over two years now concerning the lawsuit, and according to a friend, this scheme has been ongoing for over five years. I would be cautious when sending money to Mr. Gamache.

[04/06/2013 Update]

This lawsuit was recently stalled, and it appears that the entire effort has been disbanded as Gamache's emails are now rarely-if ever-seen. However, Gamache's idea of a mass lawsuit generating significant momentum to bring nationwide and even global attention to the plight of victims should not be ignored; if legally possible (and it appears so), such a strategy could, as Gamache apparently intended, bring not only official acknowledgement but professional support to victims. We should learn from mistakes made and continue to seek similar innovative ideas.


If you are not convinced of the reality of a system of harassment using organized stalking and electronic assaults, I urge you to visit, view my blog posts, read the news article highlighting this system in the United States (seen in the January 2012 archive of this blog), and conduct independent research. Further, if you are a researcher, the following blog posts would prove especially helpful: "A History of Torture: A Re-Evaluation of MK-ULTRA" (September 2014 archive), "Journal Entry-11/09/2014" (November 2014 archive), "Journal Entry-07/25/2014" (August 2014 archive), "Sample Fliers From Eleanor White" (March 2014 archive), "Coordinated Harassment in Modern America: The Social Significance of Organized Stalking" (December 2013 archive), "A Thesis" (April 2013 archive), "Psychological Torture, Cleansing, and Strategic Isolation: An Inquiry into Contemporary Forms of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.)" (August 2013 archive), "Journal Entry-05/07/2014" (May 2014 Archive), "State Laws Permitting Nonconsensual Experimentation" (May 2014 archive), "Michael Sweeney's Confirmation" (July 2013 archive), "Excerpt from Mark M. Rich's Letter to Victims" (March 2012 archive), "An Interview between British Secret Service (MI-5) Whistle-blower Carl Clark and German Journalist Armin Goss" (July 2012 archive), "Confessions of Fratus, a Utah State Prisoner" (September 2012 archive), "An Account-09/2012" (September 2012 archive), "The American Code" (September 2012 archive), "An Introduction to Records" (October 2012 archive), "My Story" (June 2014 archive), "A whistle-blower's confirmation" (November 2012 archive), "An Exercise in Cost-effective Detection" (December 2012 archive), "The Testimony of John Finch: Torture in Australia" (January 2013 archive), "The Torture of Pat Burhan" (February 2013 archive), "The Testimony of Mother & Daughter..." (Parts I & II: February 2013 & March 2013 archives), "A Family's Testimony: The Case of the Anamuahs" (February 2013 archives), "Excerpts from Victim Robin Webster's Evidence for the Existence for an Invisible Third Degree" (February 2012 archive), "Research Quotes" (1 and 2; January 2012 and February 2012 archives), " News Report Addressing Organized Stalking and Remote, Electronic Harassment" (January 2012 archive), " John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against the  National Security Agency" (December 2011 archive), " British Activist Les Dove's Torture Report" (December 2011 archive), " Julianne McKinney's Research" (December 2011 archive) and "The Institute of Science and Society's Report on Bio-electromagnetic Weapons" (December 2011 archive). If you are a target, please, view the following posts: "An Account (01/08/2014)" (January 2014 archive), "Excerpts from Victim Robin Webster's Evidence for the Existence for an Invisible Third Degree" (February 2012 archive), "Research Quotes" (1 and 2: January 2012 and February 2012 archives; 3: April 2014 archive), "My Story" (December 2013 archive), "A whistle-blower's confirmation" (November 2012 archive), "An Exercise in Cost-effective Detection" (December 2012 archive), "Target and Former Engineer Eleanor White's Credibility Essentials" (February 2012 archive), "Key Points for an Affidavit" (January 2012 archive), "On the Need for the Adoption of a Centralized Strategy by the Targeted Community" (January 2012 archive), "Mass Lawsuit Pertaining to Organized Stalking and Remote, Electronic Harassment" (January 2012 archive), "John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against the National Security Agency" (December 2011 archive), "Shielding Tips from Whistle-blower and Former Defense Contractor Robert Duncan" (January 2012 archive), "Tips for Targets" (January 2012 archive), "Safe Community Cooperative for Targets" (January 2012 archive), "Computer Security Tips for Targets" (both; January 2012 archive), and "British Activist Les Dove's Torture Report" (December 2011 archive). 


Beware of false information while conducting research, which may be avoided by checking the validity of sites related to organized stalking at Also, for a non-biased introduction into the area of organized stalking, view the following pages:,, (a private investigator's report),, and; and for a detailed summary of my victimization, see my affidavit on I should also stress that not all individuals alleged to be "T.I.s" face the same forms of harassment: I have found that a variety of experiences, with strikingly similar fundamental claims, constitute the targeting  phenomenon; and I consider, as Australian researcher Paul Baird and others have done, that such variety not only serves to further prevent meaningful patterns from being discovered by investigators but  to very easily classify experimentation, harassment, and torture via a multiplicity of covert scientific advancements as "the delusions of the mentally ill" (I do not claim, however, that mental illness does not occur naturally: I merely state that what the mainstream population does not understand or accept can easily be dismissed as "crazy," regardless of their truth or importance; history, with regard to Gallileo's theories of a spherical Earth and others, tells us as much). Finally, I must mention that the font and format of some of the posts on this website are sometimes altered without my consent (see the "Warning" post in the April 2012 archive) and that some individuals have found difficulty in posting comments on this blog. If you become one of these individuals, please, do not hesitate to contact me via email ( I have also been prevented from replying to comments on some blog posts, but I try to respond to all commentators via email.

Mass Lawsuit Pertaining to Organized Stalking and Remote, Electronic Harassment

[12/23/2012-7:41pm Update]

According to Greg Gamache's most recent newsletters, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) recently agreed to an out-of-court settlement of the mass lawsuit being filed by over 500 victims, and if the settlement is finalized, teams from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission would be sent to those who have filed in order to track radio signals; and the radio-tracking system Skynet (detailed in Greg's recent newsletters: would be used to track the source of directed radio signals. However, it appears that Dave Bohrer, the lawyer initially representing the victims, has  suddenly decided to cease his legal relationship with Gamache and other leaders of the F.R.O. party, which orchestrates the mass filing, and has wrongfully withheld information concerning lawsuits from the F.R.O. Regardless, Gamache continues to urge others to file a claim, which may be freely done, and he asserts in recent newsletters that the F.R.O. has requested the help of Canadian law firm Stein & Stein, which was influential in the Canadian MK-ULTRA hearings. In order to receive more direct updates, contact Mr. Gamache at

Please, forward this email from Australian victim John Finch to as many people as you can. Also, you should read John Finch's letter to the United Nations.

From: John Finch

Greg has asked me to tell you about these lawsuits from Please join in.
Greg’s contact is 6187997839 or or

Please, contact us for further information.

Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights,

John Finch
MAIL: 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627

Please help us to get this electronic torture, abuse and experimentation stopped!


Pass this message to as many people as you can."

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