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An Account (09/2012)

[04/06/2013 Update]

I would later surmise, upon re-reading U.S. Department of Defense whistle-blower Robert Duncan's 2010 book Project: Soul-catcher, Volume II..., that the tones referenced in the October 2012 update below may be more significant than previously thought: multiple "projects" and targets often report experiences of similar tones during entrainment. 

[10/03/2012 Update:] 

I forgot to add my experience of mysterious, often paired (with acts) tones while alone in the unit. It deserves noting that these tones, according to a case manager, have not been reported by anyone else in the transitional housing complex, and they often occur as soon as I return to the unit. Further, on multiple occassions, I have documented the occurrence of a very short tone while recording the occurrence of an earlier, much longer one in a transcript of audio logs for September 2012. Lastly, I should note that these tones began shortly after I moved into the unit in July 2012, and they have been documented to waver with my angle while in one position (significant decrease in their intensity with head tilted slightly or slightly elevated; a significant "wavering" of the tone as I move to a different but near position in the unit)

I also forgot to add my apparent recording of one of the so-called "sounds-in-head" on an Olympus WS 600 recorder on September 24, 2012 (the recording was reviewed several times and the mechanical "laughter-in-head," as described by Utah State Prisoner David Fratus and other victims, was found at the same locations in the recording; however, I experience difficulty in validating this recording as I am not a professional).


If you are not convinced of the reality of a system of harassment using organized stalking, directed energy, and neurotechnology, I urge you to view the following blog posts: "A History of Torture: A Re-Evaluation of MK-ULTRA" (September 2014 archive), "Terror in the Coming Decades: Important Lessons from Olivier Pauvert’s 2005 Novel" (October 2014 archive), "Journal Entry-11/09/2014" (November 2014 archive), "Journal Entry-07/25/2014" (August 2014 archive), "Dr. Hall’s Letter to the U.N." (March 2015 archive), "Sample Fliers From Eleanor White" (March 2014 archive), "Coordinated Harassment in Modern America: The Social Significance of Organized Stalking" (December 2013 archive), "A Thesis" (April 2013 archive), "Psychological Torture, Cleansing, and Strategic Isolation: An Inquiry into Contemporary Forms of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.)" (August 2013 archive), "Journal Entry-05/07/2014" (May 2014 Archive), "State Laws Permitting Nonconsensual Experimentation" (May 2014 archive), "Michael Sweeney's Confirmation" (July 2013 archive), "Excerpt from Mark M. Rich's Letter to Victims" (March 2012 archive), "An Interview between British Secret Service (MI-5) Whistle-blower Carl Clark and German Journalist Armin Goss" (July 2012 archive), "Confessions of Fratus, a Utah State Prisoner" (September 2012 archive), "An Account-09/2012" (September 2012 archive), "The American Code" (September 2012 archive), "An Introduction to Records" (October 2012 archive), "My Story" (March 2015 archive), "A whistle-blower's confirmation" (November 2012 archive), "An Exercise in Cost-effective Detection" (December 2012 archive), "The Testimony of John Finch: Torture in Australia" (January 2013 archive), "The Torture of Pat Burhan" (February 2013 archive), "The Testimony of Mother & Daughter..." (Parts I & II: February 2013 & March 2013 archives), "A Family's Testimony: The Case of the Anamuahs" (February 2013 archives), "Excerpts from Victim Robin Webster's Evidence for the Existence for an Invisible Third Degree" (February 2012 archive), "Research Quotes" (1 and 2; January 2012 and February 2012 archives), " News Report Addressing Organized Stalking and Remote, Electronic Harassment" (January 2012 archive), "John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against the  National Security Agency" (December 2011 archive), "British Activist Les Dove's Torture Report" (December 2011 archive), " Julianne McKinney's Research" (December 2011 archive) and "The Institute of Science and Society's Report on Bio-electromagnetic Weapons" (December 2011 archive). If you are a target, view the following posts: "A History of Torture: A Re-Evaluation of MK-ULTRA" (September 2014 archive), "Terror in the Coming Decades: Important Lessons from Olivier Pauvert’s 2005 Novel" (October 2014 archive), "Dr. Hall’s Letter to the U.N." (March 2015 archive), "An Account (01/08/2014)" (January 2014 archive), "Excerpts from Victim Robin Webster's Evidence for the Existence for an Invisible Third Degree" (February 2012 archive), "Research Quotes" (1 and 2: January 2012 and February 2012 archives; 3: April 2014 archive), "My Story" (March 2015 archive), "A whistle-blower's confirmation" (November 2012 archive), "An Exercise in Cost-effective Detection" (December 2012 archive), "Target and Former Engineer Eleanor White's Credibility Essentials" (February 2012 archive), "Key Points for an Affidavit" (January 2012 archive), "On the Need for the Adoption of a Centralized Strategy by the Targeted Community" (January 2012 archive), "Mass Lawsuit Pertaining to Organized Stalking and Remote, Electronic Harassment" (January 2012 archive), "John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against the National Security Agency" (December 2011 archive), "Shielding Tips from Whistle-blower and Former Defense Contractor Robert Duncan" (January 2012 archive), "Tips for Targets" (January 2012 archive), "Safe Community Cooperative for Targets" (January 2012 archive), "Computer Security Tips for Targets" (both; January 2012 archive), and "British Activist Les Dove's Torture Report" (December 2011 archive).


Beware of false information while conducting research: I have observed that carefully placed disinformation campaigns are spread across the internet with the intent to conceal what has been described as a decades-long American torture regime (see the "History of Torture" blogpost in the September 2014 archive). I would therefore begin with the sources cited in that post and in my personal document A Thesis (seen on and in the April 2013 archive of this blog). Also, for a non-biased introduction into the area of organized stalking, view the following pages:,, (a private investigator's report),, and; and for a detailed summary of my victimization, see my affidavit on I should also stress that not all individuals alleged to be "T.I.s" face the same forms of harassment: I have found that a variety of experiences, with strikingly similar fundamental claims, constitute the targeting phenomenon; and I consider, as Australian researcher Paul Baird and others have done, that such variety not only serves to further prevent meaningful patterns from being discovered by investigators but  to very easily classify experimentation, harassment, and torture via a multiplicity of covert scientific advancements as "the delusions of the mentally ill" (I do not claim, however, that mental illness does not occur naturally: I merely state that what the mainstream population does not understand or accept can easily be dismissed as "crazy," regardless of their truth or importance; history, with regard to Gallileo's theories of a spherical Earth and others, tells us as much). Moreover, when evaluating targets, be aware that the medium’s perception is silently controlled so as to sustain the appearance of mental illness: grammatical and spelling errors on a target’s website are not necessarily made by the author or are made by the author without full rationality, and vididly discrediting pieces of information are not necessarily placed by the author or are placed by the author without full rationality. In addition, I must mention that like other targeted websites, the font and format of some of the posts on this website are sometimes altered without my consent (see the "Warning" post in the April 2012 archive), and some individuals have found difficulty in posting comments on the site. If you become one of these individuals, do not hesitate to contact me via email ( I should mention as well that I have been prevented from replying to comments on some blog posts, and some of my emails have been manipulated in the past; but I try to respond to all commenters in whatever way I can. Finally, I recommend downloading this and other informative websites as soon as possible with the Windows WinHTrack software (freely obtained from so as to have reference material with you at all times.

 Note: See Cheryl Walsh's June 2012 article in the Essex Review, Carole Smith's On the Need for New Criteria of Psychological Diagnosis in Light of Mind-invasive Technology (2007), U.S. Department of Defense Whistle-blower Robert Duncan's The Matrix Deciphered (2006), private investigator David Lawson's Terrorist Stalking in America (2001), and the James Walbert Court Case (2008: article on in order to understand the following post.

An Account-092012

The following entries represent excerpts from Events Logs, Recordings Guides, and other transcripts of existence that have been obtained daily since late August 2012. These, although seemingly improbable, are honest, factual accounts, and a brief review of historical documents and events, including those mentioned in the introductory note, would reveal their brutal reality.

We are innocent, 21st Century, American citizens, and we are victims of a Silent Holocaust initiated by powerful members of society, along with key members of the U.S. military establishment, according to whistle-blowers courageous enough to inform others of severe corruption inherent in the U.S. Intelligence Structure. Above all, we are minds under attack, daily, covertly, and relentlessly.

[11:32pm, 09/02/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:] continuous eating after masturbation and difficulty stopping; I felt stuck in one act, as though I could not stop, even though I thought that I could. I eventually kicked a nearby wall and stopped.

[9:29am, 09/03/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
serious memory loss that began in phase of mantras (at the start of, "make me heal more swiftly and more effectively," I could not remember initiating the preceding portion: "please, null the effects..."...) led to shortened length of meditative recording between 8:46am and 9:27am (compare length of computer voice recordings and lengths of individual segments on Olympus recording with references for these recordings in the "Recordings Guide" for 092012)
decision to begin voicing thoughts and portions of sequence as they occur in order to prevent memory loss after serious memory loss while meditating earlier.
significant aching in heart region while writing entries in Events Log and Recordings Guide (stopped doing so at 9:49am)

voiced thought (on Olympus WS 600 recorder) at 12:08pm, 09/03/2012: laughter masks's something to use...a very good facade to a general way...when people are looking for something to blame...they would only see laughter [unofficial targeting]

[11:31pm, 09/04/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
thoughts at 11:25pm concerning newly discovered stool in pantry (not there when I left; discovered at 11:08pm when I returned to the unit): it's probably a case manager that put it there...or the landlord...
persistent stinging in left eye since my alighting of the "133" bus at Hampden and Tower between 4:05pm and 4:10pm on my way to J.M.'s, Aurora, CO, for work today (stinging occurs on occassion; attempts to alleviate it with a co-worker's eye drops or dowsing with water proved unsuccessful; piercing sensation in left eye began when I close my eyes for a considerable period on the "153" bus to Colfax and Sable from Chambers and Hampden while returning from work between 9:54pm and 10:30pm)

[11:22pm, 09/07/2012, RMYHP, Denver, CO:] update to the 09/05/2012 Events Log (forgot to add the following points)...
loss of Olympus WS 600 recorder while attempting to connect (around 10:25pm) to the "15" bus from the "153" bus at Colfax and Sable after work (on 09/05/2012) on my way to the unit and re-discovery of the recorder around 11:30pm near the intersection of Colfax and Sable (returned using a "15" bus back to Colfax and Sable after alighting another one at Colfax and Colorado around 10:50pm); discovered that the recorder had been apparently smashed by a car; note about loss: I usually stop and restart the recorder before entering buses, but on the night of September 05, 2012, I did not check to do so while connecting to the "15" bus from the "153" bus at Colfax and Sable; I only discovered the loss of the recorder approximately 3 minutes into the "15" bus ride to Colfax and Downing, and I asked the bus driver if he would be able to contact the "153" bus in order to ascertain the location of the recorder; not receiving a reply from the "153" bus after 15 minutes, the "15" bus driver urged me to call the central RTD station and inquire about my loss the next day, on September 06, 2012; I decided, however, to leave the bus as soon as possible at Colfax and Colorado in order to return to Colfax and Sable (to check for the recorder, which was found smashed)

[12:45pm, 09/07/2012, RMYHP, Denver, CO:]
thoughts shortly before meditation between 9:53am and 10:58am this morning: [mine:] scripts...reptillian...psychics...UFOs...very clever on possibility

[7:13pm, 09/07/2012, Smiley's Laundromat, Denver, CO:] While copying quotes from The Matrix Deciphered concerning weaknesses in T.A.M.I., I imagined a futuristic scenario in which an underground resistance would begin disabling or destroying individual towers; then, I thought, it already happens...tower busters...what orgone is used for by many...they would start rounding them up...
[11:53am, 09/08/2012, RMYHP, Denver, CO:]
mysterious dream during second sleep attempt: scenarios revolving around a group of people with white nationalist tendencies in the military: a tall, white, dark-haired male  that I have never seen before talking about white kids being scared in Nevada by images of two black children pointing a finger at them; a short, white female with a penchant for pistols and a fiery temper; another white male that appeared timid amidst the group; and someone I knew, a mixed (more obviously white) female coworker who eventually shaves her head and becomes part of the group; ultimately, the scene moves to one in which the group rests in what appears to be a desert, each wearing military uniforms, with the girls' heads being shaved; earlier in the dream, there was an image of myself (apparently) near the group cleaning what appeared to be a window in a different, dark, isolated area, and the leader, apparently the tall, dark-haired, white male, confronted me about my beliefs: you just want everyone to live happily together, don't you? Then, the short, white female stated, "that sickens disgust me..." She eventually commented, "you're cold...something about sickens me...[the way you dress?] don't care..."

[12:05pm, 09/09/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
awoke for the second time around 12:00pm and realized that difficulty sleeping over the early morning hours serves to delay me (prevents me from awaking before a certain time; it often happens that I would experience difficulty sleeping between 12:00am and 6:00am on a non-work day, like today, September 09, 2012, and experience sleep between 7:00am and 12:00pm, leaving me with only approximately 9 hours to do whatever it is that I would want to do, 9 hours with meditation and other significant portions of my life taking approximately 3 or 4 of these hours)
photos of face after second period of sleep taken on Cricket phone and mini Camera at 12:12pm
decision to begin tracking sleep patterns during non-work days in order to better verify that I am being prevented from awaking before a certain time on these days
total hours of sleep during the morning of September 09, 2012: approximately 7 hours (2:00am-4:39am; 7:30am-12:00pm)

[2:23pm, 09/10/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
increased fear of shocks in anal area associated with increased desire to "protect" anal area

[4:20am, 09/11/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
awoke sometime around 4:00am after falling asleep around 1:30am and for some reason, I began scratching myself, especially my privates, for approximately 20 minutes before realizing that my silver head coverings had been removed and my hand was displaced from the grounding mat purchased from; these observations prompted my adjustment of head coverings, my replacement of my hand on the grounding mat, and a brief, <1 minute attempt to return to sleep before writing this entry.
I wanted to record, as soon as they occurred, the onset of pounding sounds from unit 201 shortly after I awoke around 4:00am, but for some reason, I failed to do so; thoughts concerning this failure: mind-control...mind-controlled into's what they would do...if they fear that I am a serious with family...convincing family...

[12:16pm, 09/11/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
realization while exercising earlier that the persistent experiences of "soft touch" or small shocks paired with thoughts serve to make me eventually believe that all of my thoughts stem from the perpetrator; these apparently small symptoms, therefore, are not small at all, and they can be especially devastating as they seek to destroy identity.
[10:45pm, 09/13/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
voiced thought (on computer voice recorder) at 1:56pm, 09/11/2012, in the unit: repetitive alarm appeared to help me (while meditating) as after each alarm, whatever "lock" or feeling of being locked is stronger (as though someone were trying to compensate)
[6:49am, 09/12/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
awoke to small shocks in anal area and elsewhere and observed an absence of head coverings; persistence of such shocks since September 10, 2012, appears to have led to an increase in anxiety over them; realized on September 11, 2012, that my statement of such shocks in recordings may serve to discredit me as an innocent third party may see it as an exaggeration of symptoms; the severity of the shocks lie in their psychological effect (see the Events Logs for 09/10/2012 and 09/11/2012)
[7:50am, 09/13/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
difficulty returning to sleep due to "tats" of something repeatedly hitting Mylar on bed beneath me.
memory loss while praying the rosary and difficulty recalling position paired with shocks in left leg
just recalled at 7:57am previous intention to denote total hours of sleep over the night (early morning of 09/13/2012): approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes (1:40am-7:21am)

[11:39am, 09/13/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:] just recalled that sometime this morning, I thought of something important (a conclusion) concerning what would be done to discredit me, and I cannot remember it at this time; I recalled this while I was in the bathroom not too long ago, and I realized that the recollection was aided by my being in the right context (the original thought was experienced somewhere near the bathroom)
[4:21pm, 09/13/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
significant "tats" of something repeatedly hitting front window paired often with more complex thoughts, including those concerning "memes" and others.
[9:50pm, 09/13/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:] forgot to denote mysterious fatigue ever since the onset of my organization and scanning of files today and thougths: [mine, around 9:00pm:] someone's entraining fatigue...[apparently foreign:] they've been doing just haven't noticed...
[10:38pm, 09/14/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
often forgotten to denote that for the past few days (possibly the past week), my brain appears to function on a weakened level (previously, I would be able to think of insights and thoughts while praying the rosary, but now, any deviation from mantras results in a mistake made in the sequence of beads)

[1:35am, 09/14/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
thoughts concerning recent sleep deprivation: torture...[soft touch in left ear at 1:40am as I wrote that]...this is torture...not psychological...very physical...want to sleep...badly...being deprived...knowingly...fear sleep because of the streaming sound...streaming sound in left ear that would eliminate drowsiness...can't sleep...awake...wide awake for hours...not myself...less inhibited...need others to know...torture...I did nothing...must be revealed...shouldn't be able to do this to anyone...only happens because people don't know...feeling of pleasure on the part of [apparently] an older, white male as I write this...sick...they enjoy it...50, 60-year-old men probably...they enjoy it...

[4:43pm, 09/14/2012, (Transitional Housing), Denver, CO:]
string of bad decisions between 12:15pm and 4:41pm (first, I forgot to catch the "15Ltd" bus at Colfax and Downing and was subsequently 15 minutes late to the meeting with my case manager; then, I somehow decided not to catch the first Dline train from 25th and Welton to 20th and Weltion after visit to Wells Fargo Bank; and the rabid consumption of an entire box of croissants freely offered by one of the case managers at the shelter during my meeting with [my case manager]...)

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